Come showtime, most people think the stars at a venue are the ones on stage.

Well, we see it in a whole different way.

The real stars are behind the scenes; promoters, artist and venue managers, box office and luxury seat directors. Just like performers on stage need assistants to deal with their hectic day to day, our industry stars need support as well.


Introducing TiX.By

Imagine no more spreadsheets to update every hour, no more avalanches of emails, no more forms to fill out requesting tickets or information of the VIP suite.

TiX.By is a cloud based tool that allows you to effectively set up your event using amazingly great tools and manage your ticket inventory within a sleek interface.

Dreamt up by a team of highly experienced ticketing professionals who are in the process of developing insightful solutions for the demanding world of live entertainment.

We’ve accomplished a lot but still have a ways to go before launching and could really use your help. We’d love it if you would fill out our short survey to help us gather insights. If you let us contact you (we promise we won’t try to sell you anything ;-) and help out we’ll give you the first three months free once we launch.

Tools for the Ticketing Industry by the Ticketing Industry.

Now that deserves a standing ovation!

benefits of product

We’re not a Ticketing Company…

… or a ticketing system. But we do want to help you organize and control your ticket inventory. TiX.By operates independently of your current ticketing platform.

benefits of product

Amazingly Great Tools

TiX.By will allow venues to manage ticket inventory and VIP suite data all in one place using simple and intuitive tools.

benefits of product

Cloud based

24/7 access, recurring backups, and many other benefits of the cloud makes Tix.By a hassle free tech solution.

Your help is key to make this product great.

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